Managed cPanel Server

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Get started right now with our fully managed cPanel services, it's easy:
  • Choose a dedicated server and configure it
  • At the "Addons" section select "Fully managed with cPanel"
  • Complete your order
Server Setup
  • Requirements assessment
  • Install and configure the base OS
  • Install and configure cPanel
  • Secure and optimize the environment
  • Deploy a firewall (CSF/APF)
  • Optimize and secure the web server stack
  • Configure monitoring for hardware and services
  • 24/7/365 Proactive monitoring
  • Intervention within 5 minutes of an alert
  • Software and hardware monitoring and alerts
  • Remote logging and monitoring
  • Secure remote access
  • Mod_security for Apache
  • PHP recompilation for security
  • Disable all unneeded services and functions
  • ConfigServer eXploit Scanner - uploaded files scanned in real time
  • ConfigServer Firewall - dynamic firewall
  • Softaculous - automated script installer
  • Nginx reverse proxy

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