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Managed Services

In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies are increasingly relying on managed services to streamline their operations. Pidgin Host offers comprehensive managed services that empower businesses to focus on their core competencies while we handle the complexities of IT infrastructure. Our expert team ensures your systems are always up-to-date, secure, and performing optimally. By partnering with Pidgin Host, you gain access to cutting-edge technology and proactive support, mitigating risks and boosting efficiency. Let us manage your IT needs, so you can manage your business success.

Data Backup and Recovery

Taking daily backups and planning for disaster recovery is a very important activity for businesses of all sizes.

Disaster Recovery and Planning
  • Planning - Having a well documented plan is key for disaster recover and even preventing disasters.
  • Intrusion Prevention - Is a must have for a web hosting company, even though there is no such thing as 100% impenetrable server.
  • Server Recovery - At a point in time we all must have to recover from a compromised server. Having a very well documented recovery procedure is key in bringing your business back online.
Data Backup
  • Daily Backups - Having your backup taken on a daily basis will have a lower impact in case of a failure.
  • Incremental Backups - Daily backups can consume huge amounts of disk space. With incremental backups only the changed files will be backed up, resulting in lower disk space usage.
  • Multiple Remote Sites - Storing backups in multiple locations will reduce the risk of losing all data.

Find out how we can backup all your data.

Proactive Monitoring

This is a very critical service which most organizations are ignoring. Monitoring, alerting and intervention is key in keeping your business online.

  • Services - ensuring that all your critical services and applications are up and running.
  • Web Server - checks if your web pages are loading fast enough and without errors.
  • Database - monitors database performance and integrity.
  • Hardware - monitoring is critical in order to keep your server healthy and responsible.
Alerting & Intervention
Having a good notifications system and 24/7 on site engineers is what we take pride in.
  • Notifications - email push and sms notifications with multiple levels of escalation.
  • L3 Support - 24/7 availability.
Linux Security
Pidgin Host offers a complete security solution for Linux servers, this is ideal for web hosting providers or for any one else in need of a secured Linux server.
  • Kernel patching and configuration hardening
  • Linux services hardening and periodic security updates
  • Linux OS configuration for better security
Windows Security
Pidgin Host specializes in Windows Server security and hardening.
  • Windows OS hardening
  • Firewall and antivirus software installation and configuration
  • 3rd party software support and security analysis
  • Proactive monitoring and patching
Hypervisor Security
By hosting multiple virtual machines, hypervisors are exposed to numerous security threats. Security is applied depending on hypervisor and the bellow list is a simple list of technologies used to accomplish this.
  • sVirt integrates Mandatory Access Control security and Linux based virtualization for KVM
  • Ebtables for VM network isolation
  • Proactive monitoring and patching

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At Pidgin Host performance is critical, this is why you will find SSD or NVMe as default option on all of our hosting, cloud and dedicated server plans.

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