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Private Cloud Infrastructure

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Build your own cloud infrastructure based on Pidgin Host's solution. This allows you to control your hardware and virtualized resources.


This is the minimal requirement in order to start your own Cloud business today:
  • One storage - 4x 500GB RAID 10 for a total of 1TB of storage - 115 €
  • Two nodes - Intel Xeon E3-1220v2 wtih 8GB RAM - 2x 115 €
  • Private switches - Storage, management and internet - 39 €
What is all this hardware for you ask? Let's examine the setup closer:
The storage:
  • This hardware will be used for VMs (virtual machines) virtual disks storage. By using the same storage for all your hypervisors you can take advantage of cloud features like Live Migration.
  • Not only this but it will be used for images and ISOs which are necessary each time you provision a new VM.
The hypervisors:
You will need at least two of them in order to ensure your VMs take advantage of HA (high availability). In case one of the hypervisors becomes unresponsive, the other one will take over the load, all VMs will be migrated to the one left standing.
The network:
There will be 3 networks for your private Cloud environment:
  • Storage network: this will be exclusively used for storage traffic, in which case jumbo frames will be enabled on the device
  • Public network: this is the network used by your VMs for internet traffic
  • Private network: used as internal network between your VMs
  • Management network: this network will be used exclusively by you in order to manage your private Cloud hardware (secured using a VPN server)

Find out how we can help you deploy a private cloud infrastructure. Request a quote



At Pidgin Host performance is critical, this is why you will find SSD or NVMe as default option on all of our hosting, cloud and dedicated server plans.

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